Seventh-day Adventist Church

Answer the questions below according to how most practitioners of the Christian Group have answered the question. Sometimes multiple answers may be seem correct or they may all seem incorrect—give the best answer.

Average Member Answer
1. Who will be saved in the afterlife?

2. How do you view gender roles?

3. How would you describe the places of heaven and hell as they pertain to the afterlife?

4. How would you describe the nature of Jesus of Nazareth?

5. What is the mission of the church? (Give the best answer.)

6. What should be the role of Christians in politics?

7. How do you view homosexuality?

8. Who has the highest authority in matters of interpretation?

9. How would you describe the nature of humans and their relation to sin?

10. How do you understand the narrative in Genesis 1 and its relation to the beginning of the universe?